Karmic Healing

Teresa  believes that there are certain traumas and patterns that we carry from incarnation to incarnation through our DNA.

Many physical, emotional and spiritual symptoms arise from a core pattern that needs to be addressed from a different place.

Teresa offers a healing that is called Soul Pattern Clearing, developed and taught to her by her teacher, Raine Weber.

It is a complex journey that doesn’t heal a karmic pattern, it clears it as if it never existed.

The pattern usually originated from a past life trauma or death that caused a misinterpretation that brings about a belief that keeps presenting itself throughout many lifetimes to be re-evaluated.

Teresa believes we are at a point  in our evolution where we have got the lesson and just need assistance to clear the pattern in our DNA/physical/emotional bodies.

I feel so fortunate to have seen Teresa Jayne, with her incredible array of healing skills and intuition to match! “I want to recommend a special and unique practitioner, Teresa Jayne, a highly developed, experienced and gifted energy healer, and master craniosacral release practioner. Frankly, words do no justice to her work. “Working with Teresa Jayne has been one of the more profound experiences of contact with healership in my life. I could not recommend a healer more highly than she!” - Aaron Zweig Working with Teresa is not like going to a Doctor or Chiropractor - her work makes my pain go away, both physically and emotionally - Richard W. “Teresa took me through a series of healing sessions that uncovered my fears of stage performance, but the session also showed me that my life performance was affected by the same fears. “Working with Teresa is a gift that keeps on giving. Being on her table has helped clear my body, my mind and my spirit.