Body Wisdom Healing

Every ‘Body’ has an innate wisdom and intelligence that guides us continually and persistently toward health and wholeness. Ignoring or being disconnected from that wisdom can get in the way of our optimal health and well being.

We live in a society where we are rewarded when we override our physical, emotional or spiritual needs  in order to “get the job done”, whatever that job is. We push ourselves to be the best producer, achiever, parent, student, son or daughter, etc. while the needs and wishes of our  bodies and souls get pushed to the back burner until we have the time, energy or money to meet those needs. Sometimes those needs have to wait a very long time, if ever, to be addressed. We find ourselves pulled in so many directions, we forget we even have needs, other than to do the next thing on our ‘to do’ lists. If ignored too long, our bodies begin to speak louder in order to get our attention and these messages sometimes come in the form of chronic aches and pains, fatigue or even illness.

Body Wisdom Healing is a way to allow those needs to be heard, felt and met.


What is it?

Body Wisdom Healing (BWH) is a subtle yet powerful form of bodywork that can bring about deep and lasting changes, insights, healing and personal evolution.


What happens during a BWH session?

The Body Wisdom Healing practitioner creates for you a safe and sacred space for you to let down your guard and rest in peaceful presence. The practitioner channels the abundant energies of earth and sky for you to receive the healing and nurturing energy that is always present, but that we don’t or can’t always take advantage of.

When a BWH practitioner places her hands on your body, she taps into your body’s innate wisdom and is guided by that wisdom throughout your session. Because the practitioner is listening to your body’s wisdom, each session is customized for each individual and each treatment is different. All clients agree that it simply feels wonderful. For 60-90 minutes, there is no one you need to be, nowhere you need to go or nothing you need to do. Whatever is going on in the session, it is all about you and nobody else. The session is highly intuitive and can be verbally interactive or quiet and introspective.


What are the benefits of a BWH session?

  • Pain and tension may be released from your body.
  • Worry and anxiety is lessened with the soothing of the central nervous system.
  • Mind chatter quiets, and you are finally able to connect with what is truly important to you – body, emotion, mind and spirit.
  • You may feel loved, nurtured and fully seen throughout the session.
  • When your session is complete, you know without a doubt that healing and rejuvenation has occurred, even if you can’t quite put it into words.
  • You may walk away with a deeper sense of who you are and what is important to you.
  • Your physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual bodies are aligned.
  • You may feel energized and purposeful, yet calm and peaceful.


Body Wisdom Healing was created and developed by Teresa Jayne,

Holistic Healer/Spiritual Counselor and Founder/Teacher of Earth School.

I feel so fortunate to have seen Teresa Jayne, with her incredible array of healing skills and intuition to match! “I want to recommend a special and unique practitioner, Teresa Jayne, a highly developed, experienced and gifted energy healer, and master craniosacral release practioner. Frankly, words do no justice to her work. “Working with Teresa Jayne has been one of the more profound experiences of contact with healership in my life. I could not recommend a healer more highly than she!” - Aaron Zweig Working with Teresa is not like going to a Doctor or Chiropractor - her work makes my pain go away, both physically and emotionally - Richard W. “Teresa took me through a series of healing sessions that uncovered my fears of stage performance, but the session also showed me that my life performance was affected by the same fears. “Working with Teresa is a gift that keeps on giving. Being on her table has helped clear my body, my mind and my spirit.