Holistic Alignment

Holistic Alignment is a process that is necessary for those who have  in the past and continue to experience major growth and transformation.
When this occurs, one can experience vibrational mis-alignment, feeling somehow out of sync.

We have different dimensional bodies that are holographically connected with each other. The Spirit Body has a very fast and high vibration. The Mental Body has a lower and slower vibration. Both are invisible to most people. The Emotional Body has a lower and slower vibration than the mental body and so is much easier for most people to feel and perceive. The Physical Body has a much lower and slower vibration than the emotional body and so we feel and perceive it as solid or real.

When growth and transformation happens, it begins at a very high and fast vibration. We have an inspiration. We get” inspired”.
Then it begins to sift down into the mental body and we have an intellectual realization. We get an “idea”.

Then the vibration slows down a bit more and sifts into the emotional body. We “feel something” about the idea and inspiration. Our emotions are great teachers. We learn things from the flow of our emotions that we can’t learn in any other way.

Once we allow ourselves to experience what we feel about the inspiration and idea, then it settles into our physical body – it “lands” and “takes root” in us.

Since our physical body is the lowest and slowest vibration, it sometimes needs help from a bodyworker to assist in the integration process. The cells of our body hold memory. When we make changes in our energetic pattern, our body is usually the last aspect of ourselves to change. We can “know” and “feel” the change in us, but our body continues to act as if the change hasn’t occurred.

Holistic Alignment helps the emotional and physical bodies catch up with the changes and transformation that has occurred.


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