Energetic Rewiring

Energetic Rewiring is a form of energy work that works directly with the electrical system of the physical body. As growth and evolution happens, we sometimes go through a type of “systems upgrade” that allows us to be a stronger conduit for the presence that we are in the world

While we are in that “upgrade process” we may lose the ability to move our energy as effectively and efficiently as we have in the past. Often our ability to ground ourselves or be centered is greatly reduced.

When this happens, Energetic Rewiring is very helpful in initiating the new electrical system and re-routing blocked channels. This is a highly intuitive process and distinctly individual to each person.

I am skilled in following the body’s innate intelligence – one size does not fit all.

Symptoms of the need for this form of body work include:

• General lack of, or reduced, Groundedness
• Suddenly unable to “Center” one’s self
• Aching in hips, legs and feet
• General sense of not being comfortable in one’s body
• Sense of “free fall” with nothing to hold onto

Many times I will recognize the need for this during a healing session and offer it to you as part of your treatment. It is not necessary for you to request this modality in advance.

I feel so fortunate to have seen Teresa Jayne, with her incredible array of healing skills and intuition to match! “I want to recommend a special and unique practitioner, Teresa Jayne, a highly developed, experienced and gifted energy healer, and master craniosacral release practioner. Frankly, words do no justice to her work. “Working with Teresa Jayne has been one of the more profound experiences of contact with healership in my life. I could not recommend a healer more highly than she!” - Aaron Zweig Working with Teresa is not like going to a Doctor or Chiropractor - her work makes my pain go away, both physically and emotionally - Richard W. “Teresa took me through a series of healing sessions that uncovered my fears of stage performance, but the session also showed me that my life performance was affected by the same fears. “Working with Teresa is a gift that keeps on giving. Being on her table has helped clear my body, my mind and my spirit.