Women’s Being Circle

I am holding and choreographing the​ Earthwalk​ ​Women’s Being Circle

every first and third Monday night f​rom 6:30-8:30pm

at my home at 115 N. Donna St. in Oak View. ​

All women are welcome.

You are welcome to arrive at 6:20 and we will begin drumming at 6:30 and begin the ceremony at 6:40.

We ask that you not arrive after 6:40 as it is disruptive to the energetic of the group. We will end at 8:30 or 9:00pm.

It is an open and fluid circle so it is not required to come every week.

We will build a safe and solid container for the group so that we can go deep regardless of who is there.

The purpose of the group is to be able to take 2 hours out of our busy week to stop and pay attention to what is moving and important to us and to share from our hearts in a circle of women.

It is a place where who shows up, and what is said and done remains confidential.

It is a space to deepen into our own knowing and wisdom and to share that wisdom with each other.

It is a place to stop doing and just be.

I offer this as a community service and because it is in my heart to do.

I believe energy exchange is important and so there is a suggested donation of $10. I would not turn anyone away because they could not afford $10, but would ask that they put something in the donation box in order to allow energetic flow.

Please let me know you are coming by calling or texting me at

(805)794-0232 so that your place in the circle will be held.



Please bring:

A water bottle
A drum or rattle if you have one
Something to place on the altar if you wish

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