Earth Energy Activation

 Earth Energy Activation is an energy system that uses Earth’s energy to allow the physical body to heal itself. It is an ancient system that is present in all humans, but hasn’t always been awakened or activated.

According to Joy Messick, the founder of  Resonance Healing, long ago this system was alive and working in every human being.  When humans were connected with nature and literally born onto the earth, the system was initiated. Since “modern” times, humans are now born into the air. The base of the baby’s spine no longer touches the earth when he/she is born, and the system of resonance doesn’t get activated.


Humans are born with 2 energetic systems:

1. Breath and Light (masculine)

2. Resonance – Earth (feminine)


When a child is born, it takes its first breath of air and light which lights up (activates) the chakra system. When the base of the spine touches the Earth, it lights up (activates) the system of Resonance. When both systems are activated, the child disconnects from human parental attachment and connects to cosmic parents:


Father – Sky or heaven – light and breath

Mother – Earth – resonance or gravity

The child becomes a fully human being.


Teresa has been actively using Earth Energy for many years and finds it to be one of the most healing tools in her Mastery.

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