Wisdom Council Seats and Responsibilities

Wisdom Council Wheel


The Wisdom Council Wheel is made up of a minimum of 13 spokespeople who sit in the 8 directions of the wheel and hold the space of decisionmaking for the community. Any number of people can sit on the outside of the circle and witness and offer insight and ideas to any of the spokespeople that would speak for them in the decision process. The 5 individuals who sit in the Center of the wheel are selected to sit alone and are the general representatives of the whole community. They do not vote but have the power to Veto and break a stalemate if necessary. They represent the Sacred marriages of the Masculine/Feminine, Spirit/Substance, As above/So Below, Order/Chaos and All/Nothing which result in the Great Mystery.

The following are guidelines for each of the seats on the council:


South: Holds the space of childlike trust, innocence, wonder and awe. Brings through full spectrum of emotional fluidity. Pays attention to the birth/death/rebirth cycles of life.


Southwest: Holds the space of the dream and vision of our community. Keeps the vision of the collective alive and in integrity with the manifestation on the earth plane.


West: Holds the space of the Sacred Feminine and the principle of the Being aspect of humans. Values stillness, intuition, introspection, darkness, knowing, death and the ability to contain all things. Has deep connection with the energy of the earth and channels that energy for the group.


Northwest: Holders of Universal Laws and the trickster obligated to puncture outworn beliefs, rules and laws that no longer serve or align with the community. These are also the watchdogs for Karmic issues.


North: Holds the space of the Wisdomkeepers who connect to their own clear guidance and wisdom to speak from their knowing about the council and community. They keep us connected to spirit and heart in all decisions.


Northeast: Holds the space of unlimited possibilities and choice.

They keep us designing and choreographing our energy efficiently and effectively. They remind us that there is always more than one way to do anything.


East: Holds the space of the Sacred Masculine and the Principal of the Doing aspect of humans. They value new beginnings, creative spark and the ability to determine our actions with Spirit. They are responsible for the protection of individual freedom and autonomy to assure that the community does not become so fixed that the individual vision of each member is lost.


Southeast: Holds the space of looking into the mirrors of the people and events around us to expose projections and eliminate ‘Them vs Us’.

Has deep connection and partnership with the ancestors of this land and our lineage and speaks for the wishes and concerns of those ancestors.




Spirit/Substance: Holds the space of our infinite soul having a fully human experience.


Masculine/Feminine: Honors both the masculine and feminine principals and differences and brings balance.


Order/Chaos: Holds the space of the Story Keepers, the ones who remember, the ones who hold the lineage and keep the history of the Council and the community.


As Above/So Below: Holds the space of Heaven and Earth in order to keep the vision alive and doable.


All/Nothing: Holds the space of the paradox – the ‘And’ equation.


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